Before & After School Care Features

asc1Easily Accept Online Signups and Payments

Orgs Online Extended Care Service for Before and After School Care programs resides on a website. There is no software to buy and install. Both administrators and families access the Orgs Online Extended Care Software Service for Before and After School Care through the website.

Administrative Features

Administrators can customize their Before & After School Care online software service to reflect their program's preferences regarding the following options:

  • Online Registrations, Payments, & Reports
  • Supports Variable Rates
  • No Need To Issue Billing
  • Families Pay Before Attending
  • Drop-in & Overtime Charges
  • Reports Available 24/7

Features For Families

  • Sign-up & Pay Online
  • Online RSVP System
  • View/Print My Attendance Schedules
  • View Actual Attendance Records Online
  • View Payment Records Online
  • Online Authorization Of Pick-up Persons

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Accept Online Payments