Lunch System Overview

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  • Eliminate Paper Orders Forms
  • Use Online Tools To Build School Lunch Order Forms
  • School Lunch Order Forms Display On A Website
  • Families Place School Lunch Orders Online
  • System Tracks And Tabulates All School Lunch Orders
  • Online Tools Provide Quick Lunch Order Reports
  • System Generates Student Lunch Tickets
  • School Lunch Management Reports Accessible Online
  • Password Protected Lunch Ordering Accounts Available 24/7

Collect & Count Lunch Orders With Ease

OrgsOnLine-MainPIC-02a3Eliminate paper order forms and manual data entry to record school lunch orders.

School lunch software services to record orders, track payments, and generate lunch count reports was introduced here in Indianapolis in the mid-1990's. That software made it easier to preorder school lunches by entering lunch orders into a computer then generate automated school lunch order reports, track payments, and simplify meal planning.

Since that time, the original school lunch software service has evolved. Now it's easier to record school lunch orders, generate customized reports, and accept online payments.

School lunch ordering software services from Orgs OnLine make pre-ordering and managing school lunches easy and affordable. Families order and pay online, then they can view their school lunch orders whenever they want day or night. Administrators now have instant access to accurate school lunch order reports -- without the need for paper order forms.

School lunch program administrators use online tools to build school lunch menus, run reports, track payments, and more! Each school's customized lunch menu is displayed on an interactive website for families to order school lunches online.

Order confirmations are generated for each family when they submit a school lunch order. Orders are counted as they are submitted, so administrators can instantly generate reports at most anytime by logging into the password protected administrators website from any computer with Internet access.
Accept Online Payments