Sports Manager Features

Orgs Online Sports Registration Software Service Features For Athletic Directors and Sports Coordinators:

  • Sends registrations directly into the League Manager's game scheduler.
  • Easily create online sports registration forms for display on a website.
  • Define and display participation fees and uniform costs per sport – per season.
  • Accepts registrations for multiple sports during same time period.
  • Set online registration start and end dates for each sport - per season.
  • Automatically compiles online sports registration reports as sign-ups submitted.
  • Access all sports league and team information at anytime by going to a website.
  • Collects and sends online sports registrations as secure encrypted transmissions.
  • Automatically records online payments into family accounts.
  • Displays amounts due vs. amounts paid in "Open Balance" report.
  • Access online sports registration administrative reports online 24/7.
  • Exports data for use in spread sheets or other third party software.
  • One-on-One administrative support as needed day and evening.
  • Coaches, Volunteers, and Officials can register online – if allowed.
  • Record contact information and certification status on all coaches.
  • Easily assign coaches to teams and record coach background check results.

Orgs Online Sports Registration Software Service Features For Coaches and Teams:

  • Easily record and sort sports evaluation results for each player.
  • View player evaluations online when assigning players to teams.
  • Easily assign participants to teams with online point-and-click tools.
  • Participants can order (and pay for) uniforms & equipment when registering.
  • Collects and records emergency contact information per player.
  • Displays family records and emergency contact information online.
  • Stores participant personal information in secure "encrypted" format.

Orgs Online Sports Registration Software Service Features For Families and Participants

  • Register for sports teams online by accessing a website 24/7.
  • Registered participants are grouped into family units .
  • Requires only one-time online account setup per family.
  • Submit multiple online sports registrations at one time.
  • Multiple online sports registrations (from a family) grouped into one amount due.
  • Point and Click tools make registering again (at later date) easy.
  • Family's "Current Balance" displayed on the family's online account.
  • Only one password to remember -- plus automated password retrieval.
  • Family Account shows who has been registered.
  • View "coach mail" and contacts on family account.
  • Plus, view volunteer schedules, ...and more!